Duct tape is probably one of the least sexy and fashionable materials out there, but try and tell that to this dashing and creative couple! Ryan Danko and Gabrielle Farina, two highschoolers in Michigan who are headed to their prom together, spent 59 hours and used 12 rolls of duct tape to create beautiful outfits for themselves that look like they’re right out of the roaring 1920s!

The two are finalists in Stuck In Prom, a competition being hosted by Duct Tape that challenges prom-bound highschoolers to create fashionable and flamboyant prom outfits using their colorful tape products (and next to nothing else). The first place winners will win $10,000 in scholarships each and $5,000 for their school, with smaller prizes for second, third, runner-up and category winners.

Source: duckbrand.com | livingstondaily.com (h/t: huffpost)