Ever since I put my pens and markers down and took on art with a more digital approach earlier this year, I looked for ways to push my overall creative ideas to new heights. That’s when I came across a blog on Tumblr that had artists from around the world doing cool drawings on actual money.

Although the drawing idea was golden, the thought of defacing currency wasn’t the greatest. So to hopefully avoid any static in the future, I began skimming through the web for hi-res photos of US dollar bills to draw digital artworks on. Once I found the desired bill, I literally drew away any ideas that came to mind from comic heroes to famous characters from films using my Wacom Bamboo tablet in Manga Studio.

From the shading of the nose to the shining streaks on a medal, each detail of each portrait drawing tells its own story. With my cartoon-filled childhood memories still lingering in my head on the daily, I have a long way to go before I hang up the towel on these paper pals.

More info: seejayjawn.com