My name is Nir Levie and I’m an architect. Most of the times I plan public buildings and schools, But I’m also a comic book writer and artist. When I write comics I usually write about architecture.

I’m working on a new graphic novel called Mycelium Seep. It’s a sci-fi fantasy about architecture and urban planning. the first book is already out by Markosia. You can see here some pages that show the crazy architecture featured in the book. The videos are time lapses I created using an app that took a picture of me drawing every 3 seconds.

More info: nirlevie.com

Drawing process of a page from my graphic novel – Mycelium Seep

Drawing process of a background

Drawing process of an accident

This image was inspired by nature

Tiny people are coming

A swarm

Weird hallucination of a vehicle shaped objects

the city is merged with a futuristic underground passage.

a section of an office building

A section of the underground city

The worlds collide

Aerial view of the surface


Parkour in the underground city

The dwelling unit

I see another world

Section view of the underground city and the surface above

The surface. This was inspired by sea creatures



A runner

Some flowers

Futuristic transportation

Underground architecture

My book cover!