From changing diapers daily to making sure the lunch is packed and nutritious, parenting is one hell of a job what seems to have no end. And while the physical tasks are demanding, there is a much bigger underlying issue in the entire process. How to raise your child mentally? How to make sure they turn out ok? How to give them freedom without making them reckless and lawless? Some parents believe in strict discipline, including corporal punishment, that’s been highly debated between different groups. And while many have a strong stance against physical punishment when it comes to disciplining a child, a lot more seem lenient to other means in keeping children submissive.

One Tumblr user dragon-in-a-fez, who is currently acquiring their PhD in childhood studies, decided to share their thoughts on the issue. They have connected the problem of violence against children with society’s idea that all children must be obedient.

One Tumblr user decided to share their thoughts on why expecting a child to be obedient can lead to violence against children

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The author of the original post argues that we, as a society and individuals in everyday situations, should discourage parents from dominant behaviour. According to them, we should also stop praising children for being submissive as “perpetuating the idea that children are morally obligated to be submissive primes them for abuse,” says the author.

Here’s the discussion that followed the initial post