Apart from being extremely adorable, dogs are also surprisingly intelligent. Studies have shown that adult dogs have a brain capacity equal to that of a 2-year-old human. Dogs can even develop behaviors fit to help the disabled and to save lives as service dogs.

Robert Fox of McDonough, Georgia was awoken at 2 AM to the sound of the doorbell. Surprised by the ring and not knowing what to expect, he took his gun and carefully headed for the door. His wife yelled out that it was probably the dog, but was not entirely sure about it.

Chika, the owner’s the little Labrador-mix, was ringing the door bell at 2AM

Image credits: therobfox on Reddit

Well, it turned out that she was right and it was the family dog after all. The Labrador-mix named Chika was apparently locked out of the house by accident.

Image credits: therobfox on Reddit

When Fox looked at the door camera footage, he saw her ringing the doorbell with her paws. Chika was outside for several hours at that point, finally coming up with a plan to wake the entire house up at 2:18 AM.

The footage shows Chika attempting several tries at the doorbell. Here she’s seen moving away from the door after ringing the doorbell. Moments later, she returns to try again.

Chika tried to ring the door several times, moving away & coming back in the process

Image credits: therobfox on Reddit

Fox explained that Chika was left outside by accident. The family owns three dogs, and this one, in particular, tends to sleep with his son. Fox thought Chika was with his son, and his son thought she was with them. Unbeknownst to the son, Chika ran outside when he was putting the chickens up for the night.

Chika is now safe and sound. At the time of the video post, Robert explained that she is sleeping on her pillow and that nothing could have happened to her in any case because Fox and his family live in the countryside with a fenced-in yard.

Image credits: therobfox on Reddit

A lot of people thought that Chika is wearing a shock collar, but he reassured them that it is her collar for the wireless fence. This is a temporary measure until Fox finishes putting up the fence.

Here’s the full video of Chika ringing the doorbell (it’s loud, so beware!)

Got ding dong ditched at 2:18am. from r/funny

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Surprised by Chika’s presence outside, the owner Robert Fox immediately let her in

Image credits: Robert Fox

After that, everyone online wanted to give the adorable Chika some pets…