Jimmy Chew, Pup Tart, Chew-Barka. These are all the dog names, because… why not? And while many canine owners are clearly getting more creative with the ways to call their furry friends, some people opt for more traditional options like Buddy or Bella. The rest, they go with the name they genuinely like, and quite like naming a baby, they give their dog a human name.

One dog owner who always thought it was funny when dogs have human names named his doggo Brad. It doesn’t sound like a big deal, or a deal at all, to be honest, until their sister came over one day with her boyfriend. “Everything was all fine and good until he asked what my dog’s name was,” Brad’s owner wrote in the post on r/AITA.

As you suspect, the boyfriend turned out to be also named Brad, and this did not go down well. Read on for the full family drama below and make sure to share your thoughts on giving dogs human names, and whether humans should even feel resentful about it.

Image credits: PapaJonCenaSpriteMix

Image credits: PapaJonCenaSpriteMix

Image credits: PapaJonCenaSpriteMix

It’s no secret that just like anything in this world, pet names come in trends. Think of Bella, a name that topped the list of the most popular female dog and cat names for several years running, thanks to a heroine of the same name in the Twilight series. Or Simba, the classic name and one of the top male cat names ever that rose to fame with the release of The Lion King. Experts say that names influenced by pop culture can literally hit the charts overnight, so think of cats named Billie (Eilish) or Adele.

Giving your furry friend a human name is also nothing new. Many owners are now forgoing names like Fido and Bruiser and opting instead for common human versions that may be explained by a wish to make their pets even more a part of the family.

“Pet humanization—or anthropomorphism, as it’s scientifically known—is becoming common because owners are increasingly wanting to provide their pets with human-like products or experiences,” Charlotte Harper, co-founder of pet wellbeing specialist ITCHpet.com, explained.

Moreover, she added that “Giving them human names is us subconsciously drawing them ever closer into the family environment and treating them as children, which is obviously of great benefit to the pet, and for the family’s general wellbeing.”

But many pet owners feel totally fine with giving their furry friends human names, and others even liked sharing their names with animals

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And this is what others had to comment on the “Brad” matter