My friend really wanted a Harry Potter monopoly board – but sadly they do not exist. So I made one!

I spent 80+ hours on the board layout, the cards, and all the extra details. I’m so happy with the final product though!

Starting with the final product: board and all the pieces

Mirror image print – creating the board layout was difficult, but also fun to create my own properties

Lay out a layer of polycrylic, lay down the paper, allow to dry, and rub away the paper. It leaves the ink behind

Finished the rubbing with some woodburned edges


Adding the center image and burning the card spaces

An (incomplete) photo of the properties – front and back


Railroads turned to Transportation Methods of the Wizard Community and I turned utilities to newspapers

Charms=Chance, Potions=Community Chess


I used Disney Monopoly pieces and a little spray paint for the houses/hotels

Instead of paper money, I used the Wizard coins of knuts, sickles, and galleons; but with my own variation. I changed the values to simply 10, 50, and 100 values instead

I bought a poker case to hold the money and the cards, tokens, and pieces

I printed out Monopoly Rules (slight HP Variation of course) for the top. Gold spray paint on some wood dividers completed it. (She’s a Gryffindor, hence the color scheme).

Final layout


With another image of the Gringotts logo on the case and I’m all done


Final photo