We all  have that one sweater at home which is too plain to wear in public but too comfy to throw out. Instructables user Hellovillain has come up with an awesome idea for how to turn that old sweater into something wearable and cool.

In her Instructable, Hellovillain provides us with several different ideas for eyes, so anyone willing to try this project will have several cool ideas to choose from.

More info: (h/t: ilikecatsbutcatsdontlikeme)

How to Make One: You’ll need a zipper, scissors, some fabric in 3 colors, matching thread, pins, needle and either a sewing machine or your hands

Draw the eyes on a sheet of paper

Cut them out and arrange the eyes and nose on your sweater

Cut the eyes out of fabric


Don’t forget the pupils!

Sew everything together

Pin and sew the eyes onto your sweater

Cut out the mouth and sew the teeth on

Sew the zipper onto the mouth

When closed it should look like a pencil case

Cut out the mouth on the sweater

Pin and sew the zipper-mouth onto your sweater


Done! Enjoy the jealous stares of your friends and strangers.

If you liked this project be sure to visit Hellovillain’s Instructables page for more of her awesome DIY projects.