“Be careful what you wish for” has never sounded truer after reading a popular subreddit, Malicious Compliance. It’s a place where people share stories of how they made someone regret making a request, by actually fulfilling it, oftentimes way too literally. Recently, one user shared a brilliant example of malicious compliance that might teach you how to make paperwork bombs like a pro if you ever find yourself in a similar situation.

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User Lxs7328 started off his story by saying that he’s been through a nasty divorce. So once his ex-wife decided to go after his business, Lxs7328, was ordered to provide a hefty amount of documentation.

While he initially tried to fight back against the request, which according to him could hurt his business, the divorcee realized it would be easier to comply. Well, easier for him and much more complicated for his ex-wife’s attorney.  Do you want to know how? Read the whole story!

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