Wedding planning companies are the unsung heroes of the event world, they organize, set everything up and even deal with horrible bridezillas. Well one bridezilla was dissatisfied with how the event planning company handled her special day and had no hesitations about sharing her complaints on their Facebook page.

Well for every troll there is a responder and the group LB Events & Promotions was not about to sit back and let their brand be dragged. The owners came back at the bride with a long epic response and weren’t afraid to air out all the dirt behind what really happen on her big day. Scroll down below to see the back and forth. (Facebook cover image: kparis | Cover image: kparis)

LB Events & Promotions is an event planning company that specializes in weddings but one bride was not pleased with how they handled her special day

The owners were quick to respond with their side of the story and it doesn’t paint the bride in a good light

Some people applauded their comeback

While others found the response unprofessional

What do you think?