Disney’s newest ad for Christmas is making people reach for their tissues. The 3-minute video that was released on November 9 highlights the importance of keeping family traditions. The short animation hit right in the feels for all of us, but especially for those who came from Filipino families.

“Disney EMEA has launched its 2020 festive campaign ‘From Our Family To Yours,’ including its first-ever Christmas advert, a three-minute animated tale telling a touching story of a grandmother, her granddaughter, and the family traditions that connect them through the years,” Disney writes on their official website. The company has teamed up with Make-A-Wish Foundation, so with every purchase of a Mickey Mouse vintage plush that’s featured in the video, 25% will go to the organization that grants wishes for children.

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Grab your tissues, because Disney’s newest Christmas ad is here and it’s a real tear-jerker

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The heartwarming short, titled “From Our Family To Yours,” begins in the year 1940, when a young girl is gifted a Mickey Mouse toy by her father. Fast forward to 2005, the young girl, who’s now a grandmother, gives the toy to her granddaughter. Then, the two make star-shaped paper decorations for their home that are similar to the lanterns seen in the Philippines in the beginning of the video. One of the touching details is that the grandmother is called Lola, which is the term for grandmother in the Philippines.

The 3-minute animation shows a touching tale of the importance of family traditions

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The short animation focuses on a bond between a Filipino grandmother (Lola) and her granddaughter

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However, as time goes by, the animation shows that the granddaughter is slowly losing interest in joining her Lola for their annual tradition. One night, the now-adult granddaughter goes out, only to come home later to find the Mickey Mouse plush discarded in the living room, with one of its ears missing. Touched by the sighting of family photographs with the Mickey toy in them, the granddaughter decides to bring back the holiday spirit she and her grandmother used to share.

And a Mickey Mouse plush toy, which the grandmother got as a gift from her father

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The ending is pretty hard to see through all of the tears, but the next morning, Lola comes down to find her living room filled with star-shaped decorations. Suddenly, she’s transported to her own childhood, where the lanterns would hang above in the streets. Then, the grandmother is gifted a Mickey Mouse plush with its broken ear sewn back. The two share a loving embrace and the camera then reveals the slogan that says: “From our family to yours.”

For this project, Disney has teamed up with Make-A-Wish foundation

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Here’s how Disney describes their 3-minute Christmas tear-jerker: “The heart-warming storyline is inspired by the themes of traditions, family togetherness, and nostalgia, and introduces two new characters–a grandmother, Lola, and her granddaughter–alongside familiar friend Mickey Mouse who features as a much-loved toy, gifted to Lola as a young child by her father in 1940. With each passing year, Mickey comes to symbolize Lola’s childhood and a present day connection to her granddaughter, ultimately inspiring a festive surprise on Christmas morning.”

So with every Mickey Mouse toy bought, 25% of the revenue will go to the foundation that grants wishes for children

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The foundation will benefit from sales of the vintage-style Mickey Mouse soft toy that features in the campaign. The toy is available to buy at Disney Stores and shopDisney. Also, fans can support Make-A-Wish by purchasing and downloading Griff’s “Love Is A Compass” charity single—a song that features in the Christmas ad. Lastly, anyone can trigger donations to the foundation by sharing their festive memory on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter using #LoveFromDisney hashtag.

People online found the animation very touching

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