Being the daughter of a stagehand certainly appears to be great fun, if the story of 7-year-old Shelby Coram is anything to go by. Her father Lyle is certainly a creative mind, and this combined with technical expertise and a beautifully pure love for his daughter can make magic happen!

Using projectors, screens and lighting, Lyle transformed the scene outside Shelby’s window from the arid Nevada landscape they call home, into a lush green world where dinosaurs roam free. “She loves dinosaurs she has seen all of the Jurassic parks,” Lyle told Bored Panda. “She wasn’t scared by them, just really surprised by how I did it!”

Shelby appeared to be transfixed by the dinosaur safari, with one dinosaur even appearing to interact with a ball she was holding onto throughout. Did Lyle even place motion sensors around the room? “Haha no it’s not interactive, just good timing!” The fearsome T-rex at the end may have been just a little much for Shelby however, as she ran away from the window when it stared at her, Jurassic Park-style, with its glinting yellow eye.

People loved the effort and imagination that Lyle went to for his daughter, and it’s not the first time either! The pair previously featured on Love What Matters, after he remodelled her room with a Disney princess theme, complete with castle and fiber-optic firework display installed in the roof. “She really loves the room,” he told the magazine. “She tells all her friends that I built it for her and that ‘I can do anything.’ That’s the best part of doing this.”

What an awesome dad! Scroll down below to check out Shelby’s dinosaur safari for yourself, and let us know what you think in the comments!

This is Shelby Coram and her dad, Lyle

Lyle loves surprising his daughter

This time, he brought Jurassic Park to her window

Shelby was amazed by the dinosaur safari

Which included velociraptors, a Triceratops and a Tyrannosaurus rex

She seemed to be enjoying the view until t-rex appeared

Then she ran away!

Here’s how the set up in the backyard looked

Watch the video below

People loved Lyle’s gesture!

Lyle had previously transformed Shelby’s bedroom into her own private Disneyland

It had Cinderella’s castle and a nightly fireworks display on her ceiling

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