We wanted to combine our strengths, both in photography and photo editing, to go beyond the flat reality of portraits and rather show a glimpse of the rich inner selves of our subjects. A way to show that behind our masks, we are complex and have dreams.

The idea emerged from the very elaborate Renaissance hairdos. We wanted to spark universal emotions through our subjects while keeping a poetic yet modern image. The project presents nine portraits, nine subjects, each dwelling in their own imaginary landscapes, much larger than their individual reality.

This series wouldn’t have been possible without: Anaïs Faubert (concept and photography), Geneviève Bellehumeur (concept and photo editing), Marie Ossa from the salon “Bar à Couleur” (hair), and Kristina Pileggi (MUA).

More info: anaisfaubert-photographe.com | genevievebellehumeur.com