We’d like to think of dogs as our sweet furbabies, carelessly jumping through the miseries of world with their wet snouts. But there’s another side to the doggo mind that we a) either didn’t know existed or b) pretended like it didn’t.

You see, the redditor u/Jthundercleese seems to have caught his buddy red-handed. As confused as he was by the whole incident, the owner recounted a moment of his beloved dog outsmarting another dog in what felt like a master deception move. The smartass surely deserves to be called the wolf of Wall Street, and I refuse to believe this is just a coincidence.

So, let’s dive into the discussion down below in a bid to answer the question “did my dog just lie to another dog?” The stakes are high, and our conclusion may change the way we look at our innocent puppos for, like, ever.

The dog owner decided to find out whether his beloved puppo is a trickster in disguise

Image credits: Robin Tobin (not the actual photo)

And this is the episode that he shared on Reddit

Image credits: Jthundercleese

Bored Panda spoke to Antonio Diaz, a certified and professional K-9 trainer and dog behavioral specialist based in Las Vegas, about what this particular case tells us about our furry friends. “Intentionally lying is a bit of a stretch, but I’ve heard similar stories,” explained Antonio.

“One that comes to mind is of two resident dogs that both had a bone. One hid theirs right away while the other started to indulge.” The dog that buried their bone then ran back towards the house and started barking. Antonio continued: “This got the attention of the other dog and he came to investigate. Once he stepped away, the first dog quickly returned to claim their prize.” The dog behaviorist explained that this is an example of “what some dogs are capable of in order to get what they want.”

However, with all that said, Antonio reminded us that it’s very common for humans to find similarities and attach human traits to other animals. It’s called anthropomorphism. “Saying the dog was intentionally lying is anthropomorphism; saying he manipulated the other dog is a fact.”

But Antonio is convinced that dogs manipulate humans too. “A not-so-elaborate example is when a dog uses the ‘I need to go potty’ signal to their human (when they actually do not have to go potty) in order to get some free time outside,” he explained.

People had a lot to say about the smartass doggo