I am chubby, correction I am fat, ok scrap that I am obese.
I was a porky child, a wide youngster and an obese teen and adult.

Why? It’s simple. I ate too much and didn’t do nearly enough exercise and after a while it all caught up with me, tipping me off the slightly chubby phase to the yes I am fat stage.

I have tried every diet under the sun, I have exercised (I’ve got the grapevine down to a t and have since I was about 13 ha-ha). I have fond memories of lunch boxes filled with Go Ahead bars and fish paste sandwiches and afternoons after school doing a Rosemary Conley DVD (note the sarcasm none of that has resulted in fond memories!)

Why change now? I have always been very lucky with my health, I have never suffered with high blood pressure, diabetes, weak knees, or anything else you would assume a big girl like myself would. But I won’t be so lucky forever.

Also I want children one day and it is a truth universally acknowledged that bigger women find it much harder to conceive and deliver children. Also the risks during pregnancy and delivery are higher also.

What’s different now? My belief that it can be done.

My Uncle has always struggled with his weight, he is a fantastic and inspirational man, with a cracking sense of humour and a heart of gold, but he is plagued by obesity and challenged on a daily basis with the struggles of being overweight. Yet unbeknown to me he secretly lost a good 6 stone in order to slim down for my sister’s wedding(something I didn’t even manage to do!) and it showed me that this can be done. He reaffirmed that hard work and dedication to the task at hand yields results.

So what now? Well I recently started a blog – Diary of a Fat English Girl – http://diaryofafatenglishgirl.wordpress.com/

Here I like to think I use an element of humour whilst being painstakingly honest about my experiences being fat and my journey of weight loss.

I discuss everything from past experiences, progress to recipes. Initially what surprised me was the amount of people reading, liking, commenting and interacting with me, I understand this is a topic of interest but to be viewed from everywhere from Canada, Hungary, Montenegro to Australia was a shock.

Until it dawned on me, I have always been confident being plus size but not so many other people are. My blog discusses things everyone can relate to at some level, understand and laugh along with.

After the positive response and feedback I had in regards to my blog, Diary of a Fat English Girl set their sights on Facebook and the Facebook page was born –

Since I started this Facebook page just over a week ago, I have gained 500+ likes. But what I have also gained is the help and support of 500+ people.

People to interact with, to discuss techniques and plans, to empathise with, to relate with and to sometimes just say: “I know exactly how you feel and we can do this.”
Often people start off so well and passionately only to be brought back down to earth with a bump (and a burger) as soon as the support disappears.

For me personally this is a big challenge.

I am looking at losing 12/13 stone+ which is technically the same weight as a chubby women or an average to plump man. This isn’t about quick fixes, this is about long term results and a healthier lifestyle for me!

Slow and steady wins the race.

People underestimate the reaction my blog and page has had on me. They thank me and commend me for inspiring them and being so honest however in reality these people are what inspires me.

They give me the motivation, drive, dedication and support I need to continue on this journey it isn’t going to be easy, it is going to be hard work.

But in 2, 3 maybe 4 years I can look back and think I did that, and what an achievement it will be!

More info: facebook.com


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Looking less chubby already :)

What a mess!

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mmmm chocolate

Optical illusions

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Small me or large sofa?!

July 2014

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July 2014

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In the newspaper

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An article in the local paper.