Everybody loves a good night out! You get to escape from responsibilities, socialize with people, and just feel free. However, sometimes things don’t go according to plan.

Take this netizen, for instance; the person is visually impaired and cannot drive, so when it’s their turn to get their friends home safely, they resort to an Uber. Sadly though, one of their pals recently bashed them for drinking on such nights and claimed that it’s unfair on others! 

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This author cannot drive, so whenever it’s their turn to be the “DD” on a night out, they pay for an Uber

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Since they’re not getting behind the wheel, they don’t abstain from alcohol and drink like everyone else

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AITA for drinking on my ‘designated driver’ nights?” – this visually impaired person took to one of Reddit’s most judgmental communities to ask its members if they’re indeed a jerk for not abstaining from alcohol on nights they were supposed to be the DD. The post managed to garner nearly 13K upvotes as well as 2.2K comments discussing the situation.

Now, did you know that according to this dedicated publisher, “it is estimated that designated drivers have saved 50,000 lives and have prevented many accidents that could have resulted in the injuries of thousands of people from drunk driving”?

It’s not rocket science that operating a vehicle under the influence of any substance is an incredibly poor decision that might not only cost you your license but also someone else’s life; however, despite such dire consequences, some folks still choose to get behind the wheel.

Perhaps it’s the impaired judgment, overconfidence, social pressure, lack of transportation choices, poor risk perception, alcohol dependency, or simply lack of self-control – but it’s vital to understand that although you might think that there are no other alternatives, they are, in fact, always there:

  • The main topic of today’s story – designated driving,
  • Public transportation,
  • Ride-sharing services,
  • Taxi,
  • Walking (only if it’s nearby and is safe, of course)
  • Carpooling,
  • Staying overnight at a friend’s place or a hotel,
  • Or arranging a pick-up.

Every single one of us has partied a little too much at one point or another, and that’s why it’s important to surround ourselves with people who won’t further influence us into doing something that we might regret later. So plan ahead and find an option that works and will keep everyone safe and sound!


Recently, however, one of their friends pointed out that it’s unfair to others that the Redditor gets to drink

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Alas, it just so happens that for some individuals, getting home in one piece is not their number one priority.

The author of today’s post often goes out with their buddies for drinks, and they all take turns being designated drivers for that night. The thing is though, the OP is visually impaired and cannot legally drive, so they usually just pay for an Uber, and up until recently, this wasn’t an issue!

The problem arose when one of the friends expressed their concern about the OP consuming alcohol on their so-called “DD” nights; apparently, the pal thinks that it’s unfair that the Redditor gets to drink, even though the entire group is more than welcome to do the exact same thing and just catch a drive on their nights.

Still, the agreement was to provide a drive home, not a babysitter. So what do you think, Pandas? Do you believe that it’s indeed unfair to the OP’s friends?

Fellow online community members shared their thoughts and opinions on the situation


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