Losing a loved one is definitely a traumatic experience. Sadly, there are so many things that can make grieving even worse, for instance, taking care of the dead person’s bills. A Redditor PrincessG66, whose real name is Gloria, shared an incident she had with a utility company which refused to cancel her dead father’s bills even after she showed them the death certificate. “I’m pretty sure that it started out as someone just made a clerical error in filing the death certificate. When you combine a mistake with lack of caring as a whole, you get a bunch of people who are just there for a paycheck,” she told Bored Panda. Gloria tried her best to solve this issue but had no luck. “In trying to get the matter handled, I was passed around to so many different people that I lost count. Not one person every really took the time to listen to what I was trying to say to them. Not one person said ‘oh. Wait. He’s dead? I understand. Let me get this to the correct department.’ They just kept on insisting on speaking with the account holder,” she added. (Facebook cover image: John Jacobi)

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Desperate to get the employees to listen to her, Gloria decided to go the appointment with the supervisor who said that she would only speak to her father. However, she didn’t go there empty-handed, Gloria brought her father’s ashes with her. “I knew that it would be shocking to her to see his ashes. I knew that she would finally shut the hell up and listen. I hoped that after someone stood up to her and put her in her place, she would change her ways and hopefully treat the next person better.”
Gloria admits that her behavior might have been a little ‘extreme’, but it was the only way to solve the situation. “My dad was right there with me in spirit and would have approved of using his ashes to fight back,” she added. Read the full story below.

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