Grandparents. To me, Grandparents are special people but the models in my Collection are extra special because they are My Grandparents! They would say that they are just “ordinary” people but compared to the lives of my generation, theirs have been “extraordinary”!

At 87 years of age, my Grandfather is physically strong, mentally alert and inquisitive and enjoys the challenge of modern day technology. In order to stay connected with his large family, Grandad has taught himself to use Facebook, internet, emails and has even created photoshop clips to send to the whole family.

Grandma is 82 and while not quite as robust, her mind is strong and her love and sensitivity for her family and her community unwavering. Over the years she has found comfort in expressing herself by writing beautiful poetry about nature and family life. An antidote to the effects of war and sadness. Grandma is learning Facebook and email from a very good teacher!

Their 60 year bond has seen them through many hardships, starting from when they met in the army, to fight in wars against the French and the Americans. Their 10 children, (my aunties and uncles), were born while my Grandparents, in the army, criss-crossed between Vietnam and Cambodia at one stage having to separate their children and leave them in the care of others.

After some years, together they completed their last trek through the jungle into Cambodia to find and be reunited with all their children, except for one little girl who died in infancy. Wars have passed and deep memories live on, but their greatest joy is “time with their children”. Although their children have grown up and gone their own ways, my Grandparents, through their newly discovered “hobby”, stay in touch with us all…..aunties, uncles, and grandchildren.

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Grandad: 87 years old

Grandma: 82 years old

Grandad – the Keeper of the Family History

Grandad has a drawer full of albums. His albums contain all of his photos in black and white, since he was a child in 1930, until he became a man, joined to the army then got married. Open the albums, enjoy the smell of old papers, see and read notes inside, you will feel clearly a whole life of a man with beautiful and special memories.

Grandma poetry is a diary into her soul

Grandma poetry is a diary into her soul

Grandma deep in her Inner World

Grandad learns to use the computer and internet by himself in order to keep in touch with his old friends and family members

Grandad knows how to use Facebook, basic photoshop, movie maker

He said “everyone needs to know as much as possible about the technology to improve their mind and keep in touch with others”. He often makes short clips or photos to mail us, family members, as a gift in some occations or just because sometimes he wanna share his feeling. He also is grandma’s teacher about technology.

Praying for the happiness of the whole family

Beautiful old skin. How many miles have these old feet walked?

Beautiful old skin. How many miles have these old feet walked?

Bún is her favorite food

“Once upon a time… when we were young”