Absent-minded people will totally relate to this man, who somehow managed to make the most hilariously obvious mistake. After his son Alex had asked him to pick up his beloved puppy from the groomer, the man came home with the wrong dog.

The dog, named Nieves, has lived with the family for 10 years, however, Alex’s father only realized his mistake after his son pointed out that the dog’s fur looked really different that day. The dog-napper admitted to feeling that something was off, but the adventurous impostor that he took home with him seemed to be fine with it. “According to him, it was because the dog acted normal and followed him to the car and even jumped in as soon as he opened the door,” Alex told BuzzFeed. Also, the man decided not to trust his aging eyesight. “I thought I was getting old and my eyes were betraying me,” he said.

After realizing what had happened, Alex’s father immediately took the wrong dog back. The dogs were switched, and the real Nieves came back home safe and sound.

Meet Alex, a 22-year-old student from Miami

This is his lovely Maltese named Nieves

Alex’s absent-minded father managed to make the most hilarious mix up when he was asked to pick up Nieves from the groomers

Turns out Alex’s father doesn’t know what she looks like

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The cute imposter he brought back home was quickly delivered back to the groomer after Alex realized it’s not his dog

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This time the father sent a pic to the family group-chat to make sure it’s 100% the right pup

Alex couldn’t believe that his father didn’t recognize their dog

People found this whole situation absolutely hilarious

One girl replied with her own crazy story

However, some people were not amused at all

Alex explained that the wrong dog’s owners didn’t even know their pet was ‘dog-napped’