Most of us value family above everything, yet sometimes navigating the familial bonds and unwritten rules can be complicated. Some think that family forgives everything automatically while others believe that no one should even do something that would make family think of forgiveness. And while there are thousands of ideologies and “unwritten rules” flying left and right, one man took to Facebook to share something he wholeheartedly believes in and lives by every single day of his life.

Benjamin Holmgren penned a Facebook post that quickly went viral and gathered 147K likes as well as 24K comments and 247K shares. In it, he detailed how important just one action can be and turns out, it’s as simple as smiling. Bored Panda reached out to Holmgren for additional comment and he kindly responded with more details.

One man recently shared some words of advice that he swears by

“I’m a regular guy who has made it a practice to write down what I’ve learned,” the man introduced himself. “I’ve been consistently writing about sales, marketing, and optimism on LinkedIn for over 4 years but only recently took my writing to Facebook,” Benjamin explained about his passion.
Holmgren also revealed that he lives in North Carolina along with his wife and 4 children.

When asked if he has any other things he does and swears by, the father-of-four gave out 3 rules that he follows “religiously”.

“1. I don’t watch the news. 2. I don’t look at my phone for the first 30-60 mins of my day.  3. I end every shower with 30 seconds of Cold,” he detailed.

“My kids absolutely love when I come home happy + excited,” the man offered additional comment on his original post. “My wife usually smiles because she knows I make it a point to show my enthusiasm.”
As for the feedback? Benjamin said it was positive. “The reaction to the post was unexpected but I’m incredibly grateful for the dozens of DMs, comments, and texts from people all over the world who thanked me for putting it into words and giving a little encouragement,” he told us. “And goodness knows we could all use more of that.”

Here’s how people responded to Benjamin’s post