Remember when you had your very first day of school, and you cried for your parents not to leave you? Your first day of university was probably the exact opposite. When Kerubo Anassi’s dad helped her move to New York to start her graduate studies, and then couldn’t get a flight back to the Kenyan-American family’s hometown of Houston due to Hurricane Harvey, he decided to do the most ‘dad’ thing ever and crash her first class. It goes without saying that hilarity ensued.

Enock Anassi, a professor himself, happily spent Kerubo’s entire oral history lesson seated near her, taking “audible” selfies and texting them to the rest of the family. His son, Omete, couldn’t resist sharing his father’s antics on Twitter, and they’ve now gone viral with almost 45 thousand retweets. “We need hilarious [and] informative content about first-generation African American families,” he added in the thread, and honestly, if an Anassi family sitcom ever came to be, we’d totally be here for it.

Scroll down to read the entire knee-slapping story for yourself, find out how people reacted to it, and let us know if your parents have ever done anything this embarrassing to you before in the comments!

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This is Kerubo Anassi, a media student who just moved to New York to start her graduate studies

Her dad, Enock Anassi, came to help her get settled, but ended up doing the most ‘dad’ thing after a change of return plans

That’s right – he crashed her first day of school, taking selfies and texting family members the whole time


After Kerubo’s brother, Omete, shared the hilarious family affair on Twitter, it went viral

People could seriously relate to it

Some even ended up in the same situation for the same reasons!


Overall, the dad’s antics kind of made everyone’s day


The New School, Kerubo’s university, even chimed in to cheer on her eccentric father

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