We all love our dads especially since they provide quality content – dad jokes. One such dad is a college professor whose son shared one of his jokes online. Arthur – a 22-year-old Tumblr user – recently shared a hilarious meme that his dad made. Sad that he got no reactions from his colleague, his son posted the meme on his Tumblr account so that more people could see it and finally appreciate it. And appreciate the meme, they did. The post quickly went viral, with over 60k reblogs and thousands of likes.

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This guy’s dad was sad that his colleagues did not appreciate the meme that he made

He wrote: “So my dad is a college professor and he just got alerted recently that in an effort to go “paperless,” the faculty is having their printers taken away. My dad decided to take this opportunity and… create a meme? So he goes proudly up to me and tells me “I created a meme!!!” and lo and behold…my dad’s first meme. He was so proud of it and he emailed it individually to other faculty and nobody gave him any acknowledgement, he came into my room all sad. [Please] share to give my father the meme support he deserves.” And the dad certainly did receive a lot of support. Arthur’s post quickly went viral for all the right reasons. We sure hope he showed his dad just how much appreciation his meme received and that he wasn’t sad anymore.

But people online thought it was great