The average person sleeps about 200,000 hours during his or her lifetime – over 22 years in total. This is too much for sleep to be taken lightly!

As avid sleepers, fastidious nappers, and furious dreamers, we fully understand the challenges related to modern sleeping. Challenges like the sunlight, bright city lights, and smart devices that follow us to the bedroom, just to name a few.

This is why we – Mihkel Virkus, Karmen Heinmaa, Johan Kallas, and Jan Plaan – came together to do something about it.

We created Ööloom, a face blanket (or a sleep mask if you’re old fashioned) to help ourselves and anyone in need to have sweet dreams, or at the very least – to sleep.

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Ööloom animals cover the full range of human sleeping personalities, such as deep sleeper, night owl, ugly sleeper…

The easiest way to find your spirit animal is through visual observation. If you aren’t gifted with that skill, or simply overwhelmed with the number of cute animals – don’t worry. You can learn more about their sleeping habits.

Ööloom may protect you against evil spirits

Ööloom aims to make your dream and lie in bed, just like being unconscious. It’s mysterious, but never frightening, like a hedgehog in the fog. Most importantly – it’s silly, unique design, like any dream worth sharing.


Special edition panda sleeping mask created for Bored Panda

Dreaming owl


The choice of whom to trust with guarding your sleep is extremely important

Every adorable animal has its own special back-story. For example: “Raccoon could care less how he looks. He can sleep upside down with his elbow jabbed in his eye-socket, and his back pressed so firmly against the cupboard knob that it could crack a kidney stone. The only way to wake a raccoon up is with food.”

The face blankets come in 10 different animals to choose from

You can chose from a giraffe, owl, komodo dragon, fox, bat, monkey, raccoon, kitty cat, polar bear and wolf.

Snoring Cat

Ööloom uses the ancient power of wild animals


Sleepy bat

Ancient power of wild animals

Unlike humans, forest animals have never had any trouble sleeping. And also because animals are opaque – making them ideal for blocking out sunlight.

Ööloom in Estonian is a night-animal, however night owl makes the actual sense

If you’re a bit self-conscious about pronunciation, just ignore the dots on the first two O’s. Try this instead – oo-loom. “Oo” as in “boo” and “loom” as in “a great big looming monster, which seems like it’s out to get you but is actually misunderstood and just wants to be your friend.”

Sweet dreams!

Disclaimer: There are some known side-effects of using Ööloom handmade face blanket. These include sleepiness, darkness, and an indescribable sense of security. You have been warned.


These cute sleeping masks are available on Etsy.