Growing up without parents is extremely difficult. It affects a person’s whole life, mental health, connections with other people and values. Thus having somebody who takes care of them, makes them feel loved and safe is one of the most important aspects in life.

Also, probably most of us can agree that we are always ready to defend people that are important to us from anybody who says any bad word. This Reddit user is no exception – during Thanksgiving dinner, his aunt shared some comments towards his sister about her not being their mom, who, in fact, lost custody of them years ago and his sister was the one who did everything to protect them. 

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A brother can’t listen to his aunt’s comments towards his sister, highlighting that their mom lost custody years ago and his sister has been doing her job

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The teen shares that they were removed from their mom’s custody 7 years ago and their older sister did everything to keep them out of the system


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During Thanksgiving dinner, the sister asked for her brothers’ help and their aunt had a problem with it, saying that she’s not their mom and shouldn’t boss them around


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However, the brother quickly came through and reminded everyone that their mom lost custody of them and his sister was the one who was taking care of them


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He shares that dinner was ruined, everyone started arguing and his sister told him that it was not his place to defend her

A few days ago, a Reddit user took his story to one of its communities asking folks online if he was being a jerk for mentioning that his mom no longer has custody of him and his brother in the middle of the Thanksgiving dinner as a response to his aunt’s comment towards his sister. The post got a lot of attention and received more than 10.2K upvotes and 1.1K comments.

The original poster (OP) shares that he is 17 years old and together with his 9-year-old brother, they live with their oldest sister. He adds that he and his little brother were removed from their mom 7 years ago and their sister did everything so she could keep her brothers out of the system. He also adds that she has guardianship now and the adoption process is going through.

The whole incident took place during family dinner. OP’s sister asked for his and his brother’s help while preparing dinner, with which their aunt had a problem. She said that she shouldn’t boss them around as they are not her kids. Right after this, the author responded by reminding her that they are not their mom’s kids and his sister has been doing her job all this time.

Obviously, the whole dinner turned into a fight, while the sister emphasized that it was not his place to defend her, and most of the family members accused OP of ruining the dinner. However, the author adds that it wasn’t his intention and if it was really out of line, he will apologize. 


The community members decided that the author was not being a jerk in this situation. They discussed that OP’s extended family are terrible people and the sister was probably just hoping that her brothers would feel a sense of family attachment while having dinner together. “I think Eva was probably really proud of you sticking up for her but doesn’t want you to feel like you have to… Which means she’s truly looking out for you,” one user shared.

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Sometimes it may seem that having somebody who takes care of a child, such as a sister or brother is enough; however, most of the time it leaves visible psychological effects on a kid who has been growing up without a mother. According to Learning Mind, growing up without the emotional support of a mother might make it difficult for a youngster to grasp their feelings. 

When you engage in an intimate relationship, you may discover that you are unable to communicate effectively, appreciate your partner, or demonstrate healthy intimate behaviors. Also, it may cause commitment issues. Because you are terrified of losing your loved one, you are less likely to participate in genuine long-term partnerships.

Also, growing up with siblings may seem to be more fun than growing up without any, but according to the American Psychology Association, it also has positive outcomes. Firstly, siblings are important teachers from an early age. They serve as role models for how to behave at home and in the world. 


Siblings frequently have a greater understanding of what you’re going through with peers or with aspects of your life that parents don’t have access to or don’t observe in the same way. One of the aspects that makes sibling relationships so beneficial to child development is their shared perspective.

Peer acceptance and social competence, academic engagement, educational performance, and personal relationships in adolescence and early adulthood have been associated with the warmth and support of siblings during childhood. Additionally, healthy sibling relationships can act as a protective barrier against the damaging impacts of stressful life experiences like bullying or animosity from parents.

So while having a loving sibling is literally a blessing, growing up without parents may leave visible scars on every person’s life. But what do you think about this story? Was the author overstepping and it was not his place to defend his sister? Or was he in the right in this situation?

Redditors supported the author and shared all the love for his sister