This winter season is rich in original crocheted designs: you must sill remember the knit knight’s helmet cap, but this Cthulhu ski mask is even wilder! Alaska-based Virginia van der Goore first made this multi-tentacle mask for her son: “My son came to me the fall he was 4 and said “I want to be an alien space god for Halloween.”  From that, and my love of Lovecraft, this was born.”

Even though this first item was worn as a Halloween mask, Virginia soon made some adult-sized ones, too. As she describes in her Etsy shop, the masks are made out of soft acrylic yarn and are machine wash and dry. While placing your order, you can pick a color if you don’t fancy the original Cthulhu-green. Most importantly, if this kept Virginia’s son toasty in Alaska, this means it should be pretty warm as well!

Available: here and here