As a crochet designer the possibilities of what I can create are endless! My children are my constant inspiration and bringing joy to them is priceless! I love to create fun and unique items that we all can enjoy. I’ve been anxious to make my little and big Star Wars fans something cool. It finally clicked while watching my son playing with his remote controlled Star Wars X-wing starfighter. It would make the perfect blanket!

My son was the overseer of this project being sure I was making it to the correct specifications. If he was to storm the Death Star it had to be good and as realistic as yarn can allow! He has a critical eye like his mother so the pressure was definitely on. He was completely adorable trying it on as I designed it and giving it the thumbs up of approval. When my husband agrees it’s totally awesome I know I’ve done a good job!

It’s designed to keep your feet toasty warm tucked into the blankets cocoon while keeping your hands warm in the engine chambers. Perfect to cuddle up with during Star Wars marathons and released just in time to make your own before The Force Awakens is released on BlueRay and DVD. You can make this amazing blanket in about 10 hours using a large 16mm hook and 2 strands of bulky yarn. The large hook and yarn make this blanket relatively quick to make while ramping up the cozy factor. It comes in child and adult size with tips on how to convert to mini sizes for infant and toddlers.

I think all I’ve heard is pew-pew sounds, screams and laughter as all the Star wars fans in my house have been blasting off on their own space adventures!

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Hours of fun without leaving the comfort of your recliner!


My son in his glory living the dream!

Sweet dreams

Child & adult size fun


I first designed this totally cool blanket for my son modelled after his favourite remote controlled X-Wing Starfighter. But how could I stop there! Adults get cold! We need snugly totally cool Space fighting blankets too!

Little Princess wants them too!

The little princess in my house loves her mermaid tail, but more often than not she’d rather snuggle up with a dragon or storm the death star in her X-Wing Starfighter!

Sometimes I think the big kid is having more fun than my little guy!