After looking at outdoor advertising in 33 Cool and Creative Ads In Bus Stops, it’s time to move inside and check some great transit interior advertising examples. To be more specific, we’re talking about clever ads on bus and subway handles.

Why is it a good marketing idea? Well, first of all, handles can be a form of interactive marketing as it’s part of their nature. When a bus or a train moves fast – you have to grab onto something, and this involves touching the handles around you. This is exactly the goal of every ad campaign – users interacting with their advertisements. Not to mention touching leads to a literal brand connection and remembering the message better.

Moreover, clever designs on handles will definitely reach a much wider audience than just the riders on a bus or a train as it can easily become viral on the Internet these days. So, it’s guerrilla marketing as long as it’s really creative design.

Also, riders can’t turn off these ambient adverts, and because they are dying of boredom waiting for their stop – they will definitely notice and read each and every word on a handle advertisement. Enough of the talks, let’s see the best ads used on transport handles! There are plenty of funny adverts and some sobering social awareness campaigns too. Which one is your favorite?

Indus Pride: Beer Mug

(Advertising Agency: Ogilvy & Mather, Bangalore, India)

Ponytail Train Handle


Local beauty salon franchise, Johnny Andrean launched a hair-strengthening product and wanted to communicate it with a low budget. (Advertising Agency: Fortune Indonesia)

Harley Davidson Bike Handles

“Motorbike handles were mounted in busses and tramways of public transport to announce the arrival of new Harley models.” (Advertising Agency: Wirz Werbung/BBDO, Zurich, Switzerland)

Amnesty International: Hanging

(Advertising Agency: Tribal DDB, Hamburg, Germany)


(Advertising Agency: Sepia, Chile)

Whose hand are you holding?

(Advertising Agency: unknown)

The Big Pilot’s Watch – “Wear it here”

Images of the Big Pilot’s Watch are attached to the hanging straps in buses, so anybody who wishes to can easily try on the Big Pilot’s Watch, just on the way to the airplane. (Agency: Jung von Matt/Alster)


Abused Handles

Social awareness advertisement against woman abuse in Indonesia. (Advertising Agency: JWT, Indonesia, Jakarta)

Fitness Company

(Advertising Agency: unknown)

Hankook Tyres

(Advertising Agency:  LG AD, Korea, Seoul )

Tie Train Handle

A neck tie in Tokyo’s trains was promising people more money. However, the funny thing it’s an ad for a loan company. (via)

Pepsi Handle

This creative handle advertising campaign for Pepsi was featured on 3400 buses throughout USA. (Advertising Agency: unknown)