It’s not surprising that necklaces are the oldest known form of jewelry – they are simple, beautiful, and take a proud and prominent place on the wearer’s chest. But necklaces have come a very long way since the shells and beads worn by ancient humans – today’s necklace designs have picked up a few cool new tricks since then! Modern technologies and modern design principles have created quite a diverse set of innovative new designs. Take a look, and if we’ve missed any amazing examples, share them with us below!

A Wearable Planter

Image credits: Colleen Jordan

Tanama Diver Necklaces

Image credits: Fukusawa Takayuki

Cut It This Way Scissor Necklace

Image credits:

Matching T-Shirts & Necklaces

Image credits: Luft und Liebe

Here Comes The Sun Necklace

Image credits:

Dessert Jewelry

Image credits:

Swinging Pinup Girl Necklace

Image credits:

Human Hair Necklaces

Image credits: Kerry Howley

Wrecking Ball Pendant

Image credits:

Tightrope Walk Necklace

Image credits:

A Walk In The Park Necklace

Image credits:

Pizza BFF’s Necklace

Image credits:

Jewelry for DJs

Image credits: Darkloud Silver