Scarlette Timpton lost her left arm to a rare type of soft tissue cancer, undifferentiated high grade spindle cell sarcoma, when she was only 10 months old. Since then her parents have been really concerned about her being able to accept this difference in the future, so they started to look for ways to help their daughter.

Scarlette’s mother Simone Tipton discovered that Halloween is one more reason to make her child happy so she started to create unique costumes. Last year, Tipton bought some plastic bones and joined a fake left arm so that the girl would scare people in a very entertaining way. This year Scarlette will dress as a one-winged raven.

Scarlette is free of cancer at the moment, but still needs other surgeries and ongoing treatment. The family keeps a page on Facebook to give news and has created a campaign to pay for the treatment.

More info: Facebook

This is Scarlette Tipton, a 3-year-old girl who survived a rare form of cancer

As a result, her left arm was amputated when she was only 10 months old

Her mother Simone uses creative Halloween costumes to help her embrace her differences

This year Scarlette will dress as a one-winged raven

Scarlette last year, dressed as a skeleton carrying its own bones

In 2015, Scarlette was dressed as a doll

Her parents were concerned about her accepting her differences at first, but the right attitude sure helps

Scarlette loves her costumes and is happy to be exactly who she is