Continuing our previous collections of creative business cards (see Part I and Part II) we handpicked another wonderful list of 20 cool business card designs.

As we talked before, even the coolest business card design cannot guarantee your business success. However, creative design is one of those very first things that make a very long-lasting impression. So, you shouldn’t miss an opportunity to show your best qualities, creative ideas, and communicate your company’s values and character through clever design.

Never limit your imagination to a plain rectangle! Don’t forget to include some interactivity to your card design – people love solving puzzles.

Without further ado, here are 20 clever and interactive business cards to make your creative juices flowing. Which one of these cool business cards do you like best?

1. Flow Yoga Business Card

A simple, yet very creative business card for Vancouver yoga center. The card rolls just like a yoga mat.

2. MODhair: Musical Comb Business card

A groovy business card for Rock ‘n Roll hair salon in Rome. This comb plays a classic rock theme when rubbed by fingernail, using the same principle of a musicbox comb. (Advertising Agency: Fabio Milito design, Roma, Italy)

3. Bang Your Own Drum: Stationery


“Our thinking centred on referencing the name and hinting to their services – we achieved this with a drumstick pencil and drum skin business cards giving Bang Your Own Drum an identity that’s easily heard.” (Advertising Agency: The Consult, UK)

4. Elixia Vitalclub: Partner Programs

This card is only as dirty as your mind. (Advertising Agency: Kolle Rebbe, Hamburg, Germany)

5. Dr. Al

Dentist’s business card with an included dental floss.

6. Choko La: Candy Wrapper Business Card

The brief was to capture the essence of the brand – deliciously surprising chocolate experiences. Result: never has a business card been in such demand. (Advertising Agency: Draft FCB + Ulka, New Delhi, India)


7. Sponge Card

A business card for Mundo do Condomínio which sells cleaning products. It was printed on a real sponge, small enough to keep in a wallet. (Advertising Agency: Fields, Brazil)

8. Paddison Prestige Roofing: Roof Business Card

A clever business card for a roofing company which looks like a roof when properly placed. (Advertising Agency: Rectangle, Sydney, Australia)

9. Levin Tahmaz Master Trainer: Business Card

This business card was designed for Levin Tahmaz, a personal trainer to show the before and after effect of his training. (Advertising Agency: Bart, Turkey)

10. Head2Head Shop: Business Card


Toronto-based Head2Head wanted to produce a value-added product for their clients that wouldn’t cost them an arm and a leg. Combining this with the desire to rebrand, Bos, Toronto created a business card that served a dual purpose. (Advertising Agency: Bos, Toronto, Canada)

11. Cat Box

A cute business card for IT company that looks like a cat when unfolded.

12. Sandra Boïls: Business cards

“These business cards were created for a Spanish jazz vocalist Sandra Boïls. What makes this project great is the repeating piano key pattern that forms when the cards are laid out side by side.” (Advertising Agency: Estudio Menta, Valencia, Spain)

13. La Charkuterie


La Charcuterie is a deli/restaurant hybrid well known around Vancouver for serving up sandwiches filled with deli meats. To play off this, business cards were created to look like cold cuts then were strung in netting similar to the way salami’s and other cured meats are hung in delis. (Advertising / Design Agency: Rethink, Vancouver, Canada)

14. Casabella Furniture: Sofa

A creative business card for a furniture company that turns into a sofa. (Art Director: Amanda Casabella)

15. Yuka Suzuki: Hair & Make-Up Artist

A clever and functional business card for Yuka Suzuki, hair and make-up artist.

16. Gengavan Second Hand Business Card

This is probably my favorite business card on the list! A company that sells second hand products also uses second hand business cards. (Advertising Agency: Spenat, Karlstad, Sweden)


17. Landscaped Business Card by Tur & Partners

This cool business card con­tains seed­lings that ger­min­ate when you water and expose to light. (Advertising Agency: Jung von Matt)

18. Toronto Hemp Company

Those who have done it will understand…

19. Marisa Schmidt: Couple Therapist

A creative business card for a couple therapist Marisa Schmidt. (Advertising Agency: Master Promo, Curitiba, Brazil)

20. Good Graphic Designer

In order to get the contact information on this business card, you have to solve a little word puzzle. Luckily, there are hints on the back of the card. (Designed by Jose Antonio Contreras)

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