Looking for a babysitter can be tough, especially if you need to look outside the circle of close friends and family. You’re essentially inviting a stranger into your home to care for your precious progeny, so it’s perfectly understandable to have some basic requirements for this person, who you’ll invest so much trust in. (Facebook cover image: Michael Coghlan)

Image credits: SupportPDX (not the actual photo)

This mom took this concept and ran with it to the hills. The post, originally found on Facebook but shared on the subreddit ChoosingBeggars, attracted the astonishment of many, who just couldn’t believe how delusional a person can be. Some of the requests, like having a car and driving license, are perfectly reasonable. But no traffic tickets or problems with the law? This could also be forgiven if she didn’t immediately propose tax evasion while offering her minuscule payment for all these services, which also include teaching her children a language, taking care of the two pit bulls and paying for snacks too.

The final request sheds some light on matters, this mom is clearly accustomed to living with a certain amount of cognitive dissonance. The thread sparked an interesting discussion about acceptable rates for childcare, as well as some funny observations about the sheer nerve of this deluded mom.