The high profile campaigns against sexual harassment encourage people to stand up for themselves when they experience situations that are not acceptable. Thus helping more and more people who experience harassment speak out and share their stories. A Redditor subtleglow87, who was inspired by these stories, decided to share an incident she had with a co-worker who seems to be completely oblivious to consent. The aforementioned co-worker tried to make her hug him and simply couldn’t take no for an answer. While there might be nothing wrong with asking your co-worker for a hug, it’s definitely wrong to try and force them to do it, completely ignoring the fact that they simply don’t want it. However, this situation was stopped from escalating by the manager, who dealt with it in an exemplary way. Read the full story below.

Image credits: istockphoto / vladans (Not an actual photo)

Some commenters pointed out that this sort of behavior is considered a norm in service industry culture

OP responded by telling how much of a difference caring employer can make

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