Dubai-based couple: Eva and Tamas, the founders of Analog Dynasty have created a series of extraordinary vintage photos of modern Dubai. Why it is unique?

First of all the city is so new, this method never had the chance to capture it in today’s form.

It is all hand-made using a very old analog method: the tintypes, which you probably saw in those old western movies. The photo development process makes the result unique and one of its kind.

“We capture something NEW in the present with an OLD photographic process, to create dynamics between the subject and the medium..” as stated by the duo.

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100 years old camera in action

Eva Katona capturing a portrait with an Agfa Ansco 8×10 large format camera.

Developing the tintype

It is a handmade process from the beginning till the end with a hardly predictable result. You never know what will happen in the darkroom. ;)

Dubai Tintypes

Burj Khalifa

Burj Al Arab

Marina Yachts

Business Central Towers

Cayan Tower