Nina and Gramps have been married for 61 years, however, all they’ve got from their wedding day is a single photograph. On one of the most important days of their life, the couple got stood up by their photographer. In order to fix this, their caring granddaughter, an event designer Lauren Wells, organized a beautiful anniversary photo session, inspired by the famous Pixar animation movie “Up“.

Lauren asked Cambria Grace, Pop & Circumstance and Wild Folk Studio to get together and help her with a unique gift to her husband’s grandparents. The couple holding colourful balloons, flower bouquets, briefcases and old books pose on a bridge – the setting that not only accurately resembles the beautiful movie, but also seems to symbolize the long and picturesque journey the couple have had together. Lauren says that Nina and Gramps have never taken their rings off and remain the best friends.

After 61 years of marriage, the couple finally received a photo session they deserve. The adorable pictures will be a perfect Christmas present for Nina and Gramps, and are not yet for them to be seen until Christmas morning.

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