Meet Itamar Gilboa, the Israeli born artist, who now lives in the inspirational city of Amsterdam, the Netherlands, where he moved from his home country to study art. His studio is filled with his lifetime work. And what about his latest project? Mr. Gilboa decided to recreate the exact amount of food he ate during the past 365 days.

That’s right! Itamar Gilboa digested 113 potatoes, 25 liters of fresh milk, 22 pizzas, 37 burgers, 117 bananas, 31 apples, 196 cookies, 307 cans of coke, 19 apple cakes and 111 liters of red wine. Alongside other, more typical Israeli dishes, such as humus. Not quite the diverse and healthy diet, but hey, it surely doesn’t hinder his creativity. Of course, he documented everything so that this data can be factual.

Obsessed with numbers, Gilboa visualized the changes in his eating behavior since he moved to the Netherlands from Israel.

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How do you store an amount of 1-year-long food consumption? Just build a supermarket. In order to make the expose, Gilboa structured an aesthetic supermarket for ghost-food.

He concentrated on the top 150 products he really enjoyed. The resin-cast models were duplicated until they reach the right number of each kind of food Gilboa consumed during the year.

In the name of the greater good, Gilboa integrated his work of art together with a project, aiming to raise awareness on the problems of food waste. Visualizing a supermarket-sized food consumption and waste for only 1 year by a single person, we can now begin to imagine the vastness of the billion tonnes of food, thrown out yearly worldwide.