I’m a firm believer that humor is one of the best ways to get serious messages across. That’s why this year I started creating a comic called “Little Archer”. The comics follow an RPG character whose stats are all tiny because he was never vaccinated, and who is on a journey to find his parents.

My idea has been to make each episode enjoyable either as a standalone comic or as part of the series, and to tell a (sort of) heartwarming story along the way.

You can read all 10 episodes below. I have plans for several more “seasons” that you can catch wherever I post comics.

Whether you are really into role-playing games or not, I hope you will enjoy following the Little Archer’s story as much as I’ve enjoyed creating it!

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1. Give Him A Shot

2. Kindness

3. Stone’s Throw

4. Leveled Up

5. Bootstraps

6. Hero

7. Killin’ Time

8. Weird Flex

9. The Apprentice

10. The Side Quest Ends