Let’s take a moment of silence for the keys that couldn’t be here with us today; the ones we lost, the ones we left behind. To honor the keys that are no more, we collected this list of 20 cool key holders to ensure that you’d never have to lose another key ever again.

You might not think it, but even a product as seemingly ordinary and everyday as a hey holder has hundreds of different designs out there for consumers to choose from. If you think this list is missing a cool design, let us know by submitting it at the bottom of this post!

Mini Garage Key Holder

Available at cairo.de

‘Honey I’m Home’ Key Holder

Designed by Luz Cabrera and Malorie Pangilinan

Magnetic Cloud Key Holder

Available at modcloth.com

His And Hers Key Holder

Available at geschenkidee.at

DIY Lego Key Holder

Image credits: Felix Grauer

Magnet Key Holder

Available at aliexpress.com

Key Hangers Climber And Engineer

Source: fancy.com

Geometric Key Holder

Available at vespoe.com

Bird House Key Holders

Available at Tall Trees Design

Geeky USB Cable Key Holder

Image credits: instructables.com

Home For Your Keys

Image credits: fab.com

Sparrow Key Holder

Available at perpetualkid.com

The Magnetic Man Key Holder

Available at amazon.com

UnPlug Key Ring

Available at Infmetry

Antler Light Switch Key Holder

Available at odditymall.com

8-Bit Key Holder And Hanger

Designed by Meninos Studios

DIY Felt Home Key Holder

Image credits: onelmon.com

Buckle Up Key Holder

Available at thabto.co.uk

Octopus Key Hook

Available at urbanoutfitters.com