With summer finally arriving, it is time to prepare for your days off when you’ll be able to spend some time relaxing and feeling nothing else besides complete bliss. While some enjoy spending their free time in the wilderness, others would much rather try out this new form of camping and relaxation called glamping – a way of spending time in nature without losing any comfort. So, if you feel like you’d much rather choose glamping over camping, this Garden Igloo from Amazon is perfect for you.

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The tent is made out of completely recyclable materials and it’s unique transparent design lets you relax while looking at the sky day and night.

If properly taken care of, the transparent cover remains intact for a minimum of two years, it also withstands exposure to sunlight as well as temperatures dropping as low as -4°F and rising as high as 140°F.

The dome is waterproof and wind resistant

The base area is 107 ft² and it is 7′ 2″ tall meaning it will easily fit at least a few of your friends.

The tents are originally made in Germany but they are also shipped to the United States as well. If you are interested, you can check out these domes on Amazon for $1,199.

The company also offers covers to add on the solid base


If you think it might get too hot during the summer to chill in the dome, you can get the Canopy Cover that leaves the dome open to fresh air and sunlight.

If you’d like to decorate your backyard with an awesome dome like this, you can find it on Amazon.