For over 5 years now, I create clay bouquets and accessories for brides (and not only brides) from all over the world.

I graduated as Russian-English interpreter in 2005 and worked for some years in a bank but that never fascinated me, I felt like I have something inside me that is not quite happy with what I’m doing. Since my childhood I liked to create beautiful things from beads, then I learned an art of creating silk flowers but my true passion is clay. Parallel with learning clay art, I graduated as a florist and now I’m involved in wedding decor business here in Russia. I create flower arrangements and bouquets from real flowers too. Now I’m happy that I’ve found my true self.

As to the material, polymer clay is very comfortable to work with, it is soft air dry clay. The flowers are very lightweight and not fragile, it’s not a problem to ship them everywhere!

These bouquets are a great alternative to real flowers because they won’t fade next day after the wedding and bride can keep the bouquet for many years to come!

My inspiration is nature, nature gives us perfect example of color mixes, shapes, sizes… We just should follow!

More info: Etsy

These bouquets are available on ETSY.