Every profession usually comes with some privileges. For example, cooks can eat as much food as they want while they make it. Or so it may seem.

In a recent video, one TikTok user revealed that at least when working at Chipotle, this is not a smart thing to do. After seeing a video online of someone doing exactly that, he pointed out that the restaurant actually weighs their meat, and being caught snacking on what you cook is almost inevitable. Scroll down to check out the full story!

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After seeing a video of a Chipotle cook eating what he makes, another TikToker decided to share some wisdom from his personal experience

Image credits: Jordan Howlett

“It’s a fun fact, right? If you work at Chipotle, don’t do this because Chipotle always finds out”

“They always find out, right? Because I used to work at Chipotle. I was a grill, so I made the food. And I thought to myself, how are they going to find out if I eat food, I’ll just make more of it. So I would eat cupfuls of just chicken. And I would eat it all the time.”

Image credits: jordan_the_stallion8

“Until one day, I found out Chipotle weighs their meat”

“They weigh their meat. And what they do is they compare the weight of the meat to how much that has been sold. And those 2 need to coincide with each other. Because if they don’t, then they’ll know that there’s been meat that’s been wasted.”


Image credits: jordan_the_stallion8

“Well, there was so much waste that they called me in the office”

“And they said, Jordan, have you been eating the chicken? And I was like, no. Then they pulled up the cameras and saw me eating the chicken, and I was like, it only happened one time. They pulled up 5 other times it happened, and they’re like, are you proud of yourself? I was speechless.”

You can check out the TikTok video below

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TikToker Jordan_The_Stallion8, also known as Jordan Howlett, is an influencer residing in the United States of America. He recently rose to fame on various social media channels by posting mainly food-related videos, many of which are focused on exposing the secrets of fast-food chains. Now, Jordan has over 11 million followers on TikTok alone, with his videos having a combined total of around 484 million likes.

The video featured in this article was not even his most successful one, yet it managed to garner over 2.5 million views and roughly 327,000 likes. Following his pattern, in this video, Jordan exposed yet another fast-food chain’s secret, even if this one was a little better known than some others. In addition, he shared a fun story of how he found out about it while working there himself, giving us a glimpse into his less famous past.


The TikToker made the video in response to another video posted on the platform where a guy brags about a “free protein glitch” that he found working at Chipotle, as he believes that he can eat the food he makes and get away with it. Jordan decided to share a fun fact about it, revealing that he, too, did think this way once.

As he said himself, the man used to eat cupfuls of chicken, thinking he could just replace it. However, it turned out that Chipotle weighed their meat and compared it to what they sold. When one time the numbers didn’t align, Jordan got called into the office. He first tried to deny the accusations, but a security cameras’ recordings were quickly presented to negate that, and the cook had no excuses left in his pocket.

The commenters found the story amusing. Some made jokes about this particular restaurant policy and the cook trying to get around it. Others were sharing their own similar experiences in this or other fast-food restaurants. However, all of the participants appeared to enjoy this topic.

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Watching this video got us hooked on the topic of secrets that fast-food restaurants keep, so we decided to look into more of these lesser-known facts. And to deepen our knowledge, we had a look at what Eat This, Not That! had to say.


The article begins by telling us that vegetarian options aren’t always really vegetarian. Sure, there is probably no animal meat in there, but with everything being made in the same place, oils and meat juices can easily get into the mix.

But regardless of whether you eat the meat or not, there are other things you should know about. For example, a burger might contain meat from hundreds of different cattle, fries’ sleeves may be treated with perfluorinated chemicals and contain traces of them, and ice that you get to cool your drink can possibly contain fecal bacteria.

Additionally, some restaurants, depending on what kind of food you’re ordering, may even serve you reheated day-old food, as long as it fits the set standards. The fantastic taste, as well as the hypnotizing smell of the food you receive, regardless of how freshly made it is, is almost always fake because the food is so highly processed that the actual flavor is simply destroyed in the process.

Restaurant Realizes Meat Goes Missing, Checks Cameras To Find Out Their Employee Is Eating It

Image credits: tommao wang (not the actual photo)

Of course, not all secret things are necessarily bad. For example, it turns out that making a burger takes a lot less than it may appear, and a patty can be cooked in no more than just over a minute, which is quite a sight. You can also usually customize your order, making it however you like it, although now, with self-checkout screens, this has become more apparent. And while not even every employee might know that, most fast-food chains have secret menus, which can be accessed if you know the right information.


Some of these lesser-known things are not necessarily about what you eat. According to the article, drive-through employees can see you while you’re ordering, which may bring some retrospective embarrassment to some people who like to play jokes while choosing their meals from their cars. You’re also more likely to spend more when ordering at a self-checkout station, as the kiosks are programmed to upsell, and there is less pressure while ordering.

When you ask the cook for “extra,” it automatically registers as an additional cost, so you might be better off asking for “a little bit more” instead. And for the last part, the ice cream machine is rarely ever broken. It turns out it’s just very high maintenance, taking around 4 hours to clean daily, so when you hear that phrase, cleaning could be in process, or workers might simply be avoiding it.

In the end, it’s as a known American politician, James M. Wallen, once said, “Speed, quality, price. Pick any two.” It should come as no surprise that something that is fast and cheap comes with a few not-so-attractive catches. It’s extremely rare to find something that exhibits all 3 factors, and fast food restaurants are no exception, whether you’re just a visitor ordering or a worker making that food and thinking you can get away with eating it for free.

What did you think of this story? Do you have any fast-food restaurant-related experiences you’d like to share? The comment section is waiting for you!


Most commenters shared various similar experiences in other places where they worked, while others were simply making jokes about this situation