Children tend to learn by imitating, dragging across the floor or mixing up sand and water to make ‘pancakes’. It’s a perfect teaching experience, so no wonder some educators use it to instill creativity and practicality into the young minds. However, this exercise, while certainly helpful, is probably more entertaining to the adults reading.

On May 16, Jordan Adams shared his nephew Ethan’s class’ cookbook photos and they quickly went viral with 159k likes and 65,4k shares. From Joe’s tacos to Ariana’s macaroni, the recipes show the brilliant stream of consciousness that offers a unique perspective into the minds of the little ones. Oh, and they are absolutely hilarious! Scroll down to read them yourself and you won’t need to think what to prepare for dinner!

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On May 16, Jordan Adams shared pictures from his nephew’s pre-kindergarten class

The children were given a task of creating their own cookbook

And the results are absolutely hilarious!

The stream of consciousness they employed in their instructions is pretty brilliant

You won’t need to think what to prepare for dinner!

People on Twitter quickly responded to the hilarious recipes