Children tend to learn by imitating, dragging across the floor or mixing up sand and water to make ‘pancakes’. It’s a perfect teaching experience, so no wonder some educators use it to instill creativity and practicality into the young minds. However, this exercise, while certainly helpful, is probably more entertaining to the adults reading.

Texan “Pizza enthusiast and joke writer” Jordan Adams loved his nephew Ethan’s class cookbook photos so much that he decided to share it. Other people agreed on its wholesome brilliance and his tweet quickly went viral, with 178k likes and 72k shares. From Joe’s tacos to Ariana’s macaroni, the recipes show the unique stream of consciousness that kids have, offering a unique perspective into the minds of toddlers. Oh, and they are absolutely hilarious too! Scroll down to read them yourself and you won’t need to think of what to prepare for dinner!

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Image credits: Quinn Dombrowski (not the actual photo)

Jordan Adams, from San Marcos, Texas, shared pictures from his nephew’s pre-kindergarten class

Jordan’s nephew, Ethan, came up with a classic egg recipe that takes an hour to prepare but only 2 seconds to cook, apparently. We can only imagine he is spending all that preparation time color coordinating his Skittles.

Ethan basically just needs you to bring the pancakes to his place, where his mom will give you the eggs. She makes them all the time. Ethan is there with his carefully organized Skittles, and that’s it! A meal is born.

The recipes were taken with a recording device, which perfectly captures the stream of consciousness that the kids share while reciting their ideas, some of their ideas are just hilariously random and creative. Pancakes donuts and various pasta dishes seem to be the most popular foods at this school.

Anything goes with these meals! Strawberries in your cheese macaroni? Throw in some apples too, while you’re at it! And why not, because as Ariana helpfully points out, they are healthy. Who knows what it tastes like until you’ve tried it? Oh, and don’t forget to bring your backpack and doll along, too.

Everyone involved was so amused and impressed by the kids’ imagination, that the teacher decided to create the entire cookbook as a gift for the moms.

You’ll have to behave if you want to be able to afford these ingredients! Apparently, noodles take longer on a Monday so be aware of that, too.

And if you ever run into trouble, just remember Dominick’s advice. “Making donuts is easy if you use chocolate and white stuff.”

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