Occasionally, in order to raise a child’s moral compass, parents need to be strict. Even if that causes them to be called jerks and be the antagonist in their children’s lives at least for a little bit.

The father in today’s story is one of these cases. He decided to teach his teen daughter a lesson after she threw a tantrum when a teacher didn’t let her cheerlead as the girl didn’t show up on time. As a result, he got called a jerk by his daughter and also his wife.

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Children quite often tend to blame teachers for their own bad behavior

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This 15-year-old girl wasn’t cleared for cheerleading practice after she mistreated a teacher

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She comes home and demands her dad go to the school and fight for her cheerleading, but he refuses saying the teacher was right to do that

In the OP’s daughter’s school, there’s a PE teacher, who he calls Beth. She is usually very strict, which causes students to complain about her. However, there was a meeting for parents in which it was made clear why Beth was so strict – students are always tormenting her. And she always responds in a professional but strict manner, no matter how harsh students are to her.

And so, the OP’s 15-year-old daughter needed teacher Beth to clear her for cheerleading. The girl was given a certain time when she should be at the teacher’s office. But she decided to go there after the practice when the teacher was packing up instead of at the given time. So, the teacher didn’t permit her to cheer. And the 15-year-old threw a fit about it.

Beth went on vacation, which meant that the OP’s daughter could not be cleared before the teacher came back. That means the 15-year-old would miss various cheerleading events during the Thanksgiving period. Therefore, the girl is demanding that her father, the OP, go to school to argue against her cheerleading ban.


Unfortunately for her, the father refuses to do so. According to him, she treated the teacher poorly and deserved this. And this opinion “won” him the title of jerk, given by his daughter and wife.

It seems that a lot of students do not like this teacher Beth. And probably at least some of these students even tried to get the teacher fired, since they keep complaining about her to their parents. And talking about the firing of teachers, do you know what are the main grounds on which a teacher can be fired from their job?

Well, it should be noted that the laws are different depending on the country or even the school. But some reasons should technically guarantee that a teacher be considered for firing. 

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One of them is incompetence. This is quite an easily understandable reason: a teacher constantly does not meet the standards that are required to properly teach students.

 One of the things that teachers are responsible for teaching is rules and standards. So how can they do that when they do not meet these themselves, right? 

Another reason could be insubordination. This counts when the teacher intentionally doesn’t obey the school’s rules and instructions. One of the things that teachers are responsible for teaching is rules. So how can they do that, when they do not comply with them themselves, right? 


Other causes for a teacher’s firing can be conviction of a crime, deceiving the school while entering a contract, and so on. 

However, from what we have learned in the Reddit post, it doesn’t seem that Beth’s job is in danger – she doesn’t meet any “criteria” for firing. It is more likely that she’ll leave the job due to students constantly bullying her, which, frankly, is sad. Neither teachers nor students should be bullied in schools. 

And we’re not the only ones with this kind of opinion. Folks online were supportive of the dad’s decision. They talked about how harsh students can be toward teachers. Parents should understand that their kids can be huge jerks and teach them to be more empathetic. After all, teachers are also people. Furthermore, according to netizens, this event not only will teach the girl empathy but also how every action has consequences. In the end, everyone in the story will learn something new.

According to cybercitizens, the only jerk in this story is the 15-year-old and this incident will teach her important life lessons


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