The bees have been in decline since the Second World War, so Cheerios decided to help them. Firstly, they removed Buzz the bee from many cereal boxes to spread the word, and now they’re giving away 100 million wildflower seeds. This means that you can get a free pack to create a bee-friendly habitat in your own yard!

To be eligible for the 500 free wildflower seed pack you have to live in the US, Canada, or UK. After filling out a simple form, you should expect the pack to arrive in 4-6 weeks. In addition, Cheerios has also promised to incorporate wildflowers into 3,300 acres (which is equivalent to 30 Vatican Cities) of its oat farms by 2020.

All the buzz came just when bees need it the most. Increased pesticide use, widespread parasites, and the development of formerly wild spaces are threatening them all over the globe. This concerns all of us as well, because a world without pollinators would be devastating for food production. Consider this: every 1 in 3 bites of food we eat is made possible by the bees and other pollinators. So take out your gardening tools, order the seeds and let’s make hives great again!

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Image credits: Ondrej Pakan