German-Japanese artist Mikiko has developed a scientific study that proved her cat Emi is actually bread. Documenting her findings, she created a series of illustrations, so others can determine whether their own felines share the same condition.

“I’ve noticed many people calling the typical cat pose a ‘loaf’ and I wondered if bread was a theme I could apply,” Mikiko told Bored Panda. “I found out that my cat often looked like a pretzel when she slept, so I figured I’ll draw an entire sheet with bread variations.” After about 4 or 5 hours she was done, and it’s clear that the artist has uncovered something intrinsical about kitties – they’re more bread than we could’ve thought! “I have seen the ‘loafing’ phenomenon in many cats,” Mikiko wrote. “Mine can’t be the only one who is actually bread!”

The self-taught artist has come a long way to be able to conduct such a research. “In 10 years of freelancing I have worked for many clients with focus on cover illustration, storyboards and character design while also creating ortho sheets, concept art, all stages of comic-making, personal tutoring and live workshops at events. Her online gallery has 3.5 million clicks, making her #44 of the most-watched-artists-on-deviantart list. Her social media fan base is roughly 220k strong.

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“I have seen the ‘loafing’ phenomenon in many cats”

“Mine can’t be the only one who is actually bread!”

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