Editor’s note: Cats are mysterious. And even if you think you know your pet so well, you’re probably couldn’t be more wrong.

Newsflash: cats treat humans as other cats. And since there are still so much to learn, our reader decided to explain you some of the most common cat behaviours.

1. The ready to pounce quivering butt

Cats wiggle back and forth to position themselves for the perfect attack.

2. Rolling back and forth

Your cat is showing submission or inviting you play.

3. Sticking a raised butt in your face

Tail sniffing is normal in the cat world, so this is your cats way of saying hello.

4. Making squinty eyes

Cats squint when they’re content. Closing their eyes slowly is a sign of trust. Try to slowly blink at your cat, it’s a friendly gesture of trust.

5. Cats sleep in a circle to conserve body heat


Also sleeping curled up provides a feeling of security for your cat.

6. Sitting like a cat loaf

Cats tuck their paws under them when they feel safe, and it also conserves body heat.

7. Kneading

This is likely a leftover trait from when they were a kitten when they did this to their mother’s stomach to produce milk. When your cat does this it is usually a warm gesture of familiarity and being content, or wanting attention.

8. One leg extended

This just makes it easier for your cat to clean. And of course to show off how flexible it is.

9. Staring into space

Cats have keen senses, so they probably saw a fly or a speck of dust.

10. Exposing its belly


Since the belly is the most exposed area for a cat, this is an enormous show of trust. Don’t confuse this with a cat on its back defending itself. The show of trust is letting you touch the belly.

11. Sleeping in boxes

Cats are always mindful of protecting themselves, and so they find security in confined spaces. A box is exactly that.

12. The “hug ‘n’ bite”

Biting and wrestling with you is actually not a sign of aggression but of playfulness. Cats forget we don’t have fur to protect us from their teeth and claws.

13. Chirping or clacking at birds outside

The clicking and chattering is a sound a cat makes when it’s concentrating on a target for the hunt, they often make it out of frustration they cannot reach it.

14. Sitting on your computer

Cats like warm places. Also they want to annoy you.


15. Nowhere to be found

Cats are good at hiding, and they’re sometimes tired of humans and their weird ways, so they find a great hiding place and stay there for a while. Be patient, they’ll come out eventually.