In this project ‘Paris’ stands for the B&W film photographs. These real photos were taken in a real city.

This interesting project had become challenging the moment I decided to bring still images to life. At first they were supposed to be just illustrations. I think a gif can be magical, because when you see it moving, you start to believe it. I feel like I am creating a spell to take you all along with me to another world, a world of peculiar and unknown.

I am still looking for a balance between realism and surrealism. Playing with the idea that there might be things out there human eyes can’t see (yes I believe in this stuff).

I did all the animation part on the photographs taken by Jrangler.

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Retired from circus

Investigation or Invasion?


The passerby

The new window display

To the market

A little rest before the storm


Where would you like to go

tik. tok. tik. tok