Some countries build walls, while others prefer building something a bit different. Giant moose statues, for example. Such countries are Canada and Norway. But despite it sounding so wholesome and innocent, it actually stirred up a competition between these two countries. A fierce competition.  A competition that lead to an international feud over whose statue is bigger and thus, the biggest in the whole world. No matter how polite and peaceful these nations are, the moose question is serious and both of the countries are ready to engage in the war of enlarging their moose, while the world watches, happy and amoosed.

The majestic animal of the North, the moose, recently became the object of an unusual quarrel

The thing is, for over 30 years, Moose Jaw, a Canadian town, had been proud of having the world’s tallest moose statue

Reaching 32 feet (9.8 m) and weighing almost 10 tons, Mac The Moose, stood tall in its glory

But then this guy, Storelgen, showed up in Norway and Mac The Moose was thrust out of the spotlight

The Norwegian competitor is only 12 inches (30 centimeters) taller, yet that was enough to be number one

Today, ghostly looking Storelgen calmly reflects the Norwegian woods that surround him

The news reached the headlines pretty fast

Image credits: CTVNews

But Canadians did not let it go that easily


Image credits: CityofMooseJaw

Mac the Moose even got himself a Twitter account

Image credits: RealMacTheMoose

Then more people started picking sides


Image credits: Saskatchewan

Stephen Colbert sided with Norway by calling the Canadian moose a “papier-mache dog from an abandoned theme park”

But, being one of the friendliest countries on Earth, Norwegians themselves voted that they prefer Mac the Moose in a Norwegian newspaper poll

People enjoyed this rivalry


Which one’s your favourite?