You run for a little while, staring at the back of a yellow school bus, then stop on the sidewalk, panting, waving your arms up in the air. Then the last bit of hope disappears with the bus making its way round the corner as you are left standing there, hopeless. Can you relate? One boy sure can as he just encountered a similar distressing situation. Instead of giving in to frustration, he added a little comedic twist to the whole situation proving once more, kids are the best at looking at things from a different angle. The boy’s sister just couldn’t keep the story to herself and the Internet instantly fell for it.

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Twitter user Sarah recently shared a letter her brother wrote to their mom after missing a school bus

Facing the problem head-on, the boy wrote a marvelous letter to his mom, explaining the situation like the real educated gentleman he is

‘I Missed The Bus

As your son, I regret to inform you that I’ve missed my means of public transportation. I know you must be on a roller coaster of emotions right now but rest assured, I’ve decided to stay home. This was a tough decision to make while you were gone for 20 minutes. I’m probably in my bed moping, so please don’t interrupt me. If you require any further assistance, please see the pros/cons cart on the back side.’

Having an analytical mind, he sure had to sum up the pros and cons

– First day home this quarter, grades will be fine.
– Today was gonna be a hard one, can’t get over my hair.

– Might become a habit (doubtful)
– You have to call the school and tell them I’ve got Polio’

And it was all worth it!

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People were quick to respond with amusement

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