In case you didn’t know yet, K-pop is one of the hottest things trending among young people. Previously limited only to South Korea, K-pop has spread internationally and continues to gain more and more fans around the globe. With its catchy and trendy tunes, teenagers find themselves obsessing over K-pop bands such as Blackpink and BTS.

12-year-old Emanuela, who lives in Brazil, is no exception. The young girl is a huge fan of K-pop, so when her birthday came around, she wanted to have a K-pop-themed birthday bash. Unfortunately, the event was organized by her brother, whose knowledge of the genre is very limited, to say the least.

This guy made the most “big-brothery” move ever by throwing his sister a Kim Jong Un-themed birthday party

Image credits: vitor.desouza.944

Emanuela probably didn’t think much when leaving her big brother in charge of her birthday party, and those of us who have older brothers know how they can be, right?

“Today is my sister’s birthday, she’s a K-pop fan. I was in charge of the decorations. Since I don’t know any K-pop bands, I decorated it with the most famous Korean I know. She loved it,” Vitor de Souza, brother of Emanuela, wrote on Facebook upon sharing the photos from the birthday party. Over 38k people so far have liked Vitor’s post.

The girl is a fan of K-pop, but her brother claimed he knew nothing of it, so he went with the only Korean he knows

Image credits: vitor.desouza.944

The 12th birthday will be probably one of those which Emanuela won’t forget. The birthday bash involved the notorious North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un plastered all over the room, while the cake was decorated with tiny dictators, as well. As ironic as it may sound, K-pop is banned in North Korea.

From looking at the photos shared by Vitor, you can observe the smug face of the older brother and the slight disappointment on Emanuela’s face. Life isn’t covered in roses when you have an older brother.

Image credits: V de Vitu

But don’t feel bad for the girl—she got her K-pop birthday party after all

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