Campbell Remess is a boy like no other, he is kind, talented, and to add to it a heart of gold! He’s a 12-year-old boy who dedicates most if not all of his free time to making stuffed animals for sick children at his local hospital. So far, Remess has dubbed this “Project 365” and so far he’s made over 800 stuffed animals! Who taught this amazing boy? Well, none other than himself!

So far, this little guy has made over 450 stuffed animals for sick children in just 2016! If any of you want to help this little guy with donations for fabric and sewing materials please follow the link shown.

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This is Campbell, 12-year-old who loves crafts and making things

When he was 9, he asked his parents if they could buy Christmas presents for kids in hospital

When his parents told him it would cost too much, he decided to make them himself

He has taught himself to sew and started a “Project 365 by Campbell”

It’s a mission Campbell has set to himself to have 365 gifts made by him to take to hospitals, charities and distribution points by Christmas to give to children


He decided that he would make 1 present a day which is 365 a year and give them all away.

His first gift projects were rattle balls for little children, then he taught himself how to make teddies and that’s his favourite thing to make now

Here he is with the nurses at the hospital

Here are some of the happy faces that received Campbell’s stuffed animals